Hay Wire Slot Machines

Whenever one makes a review of slot machine games, they are sure to make a mention of haywire slots in more places than one. This is because if we talk about slot machines we cannot do without talking about the famous haywire slot machine. In fact some voting patterns have shown that haywire slots has been placed in number three as far as the leading slots games are concerned. That being said, they are a prime choice in top Canadian online casinos where players usually enjoy them with attractive bonuses of 25 free spins upon sign up. It is certainly the biggest advantage of playing haywire slots as a beginner. There could be many reasons which could have played a leading part in helping this particular slot game to move to such an enviable position. Though at first sight the game seems very basic and simple, there are many features that are special only to this particular brand of slot machine. Coming to the specifics of the game it is 3 reel slot, 1 line slot machine. It is perhaps one of the few slot machine games that give a second chance to the player. If the first two spins of the player are the same in the payline, then you get an option for a third spin on the third wheel. This increases your chance of hitting the high payout bracket by quite a few notches. The best place where you can try out these games, as well as man others, is on the comparatifcasino site.

These haywire slot machines are available in different forms and variations. Starting from the nickel slots to the ten dollar versions, the customer has different options to choose from. Though there are many such variants to haywire slots, it has been found that the Deluxe versions are more popular than the ordinary variants. These wild haywire variants offer many advantages and one such advantage is that once you hit 2 haywire symbols you are eligible for winnings that are four times the coin winnings in that particular round.

These attractive features have indeed gone a long way in making haywire slots one of the most preferred online casino games, especially for those who would wish to chart their own course.